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The family Schiemann

The origins of the family Schiemann are to a large extent not verified and unsettled until now. The oldest known family member is Johann Schiemann, married to Eleonore Grundmann. The names are listed in a written copy of the birth certificate of their son, Friedrich August Schiemann (*1858 †1928).

Friedrich was born in Goniwilk which is most likely situated near Nowograd-Wolinsk (in the Volga delta) in Russia. Probably the family emigrated from Southern Germany to Russia during the reign of Catharina the Great. At that time the inhospitable Volga swamps of Wolhynien were settled with German farmers.

At least the first two of altogether eight children of our ancestors (with two wifes) were born in Josephhof near Nowograd-Wolinsk: Juliane Schiemann Rohr, and Wilhelm, married to Auguste Gras. Where exactly the third child, Friderike Schiemann Jadischke, was born is not yet investigated. Her daughter Herta married Kurt Joeschke, son of Johann, geb. Stoyke, in the May of 1933 whereby a first proven connection between the families exists.

Picture of Friedrich August Schiemann and familyFoto: 1921 - probably Roggenhausen or Rittershausen, Kreis Graudenz
from left: Friedrich August Schiemann, N.N. (foster-son), Hilde Dittelmeier Krahn (widowed Schiemann), Heinrich Schiemann with Waltraut Schiemann Bondar, N.N. (foster-son), Luise Schiemann (2. wife of Friedrich)

The place of birth of the following children of Friedrich August Schiemann, Olga Schiemann Zielke and Heinrich, who result from the first marriage, is still unsettled. Only the place of the seventh child, my grandmother Berta (*1893), is known to be Sclohan/Bochnia. A closer determination of the exact location of this place is not yet effected.

According to the dates of birth of my ancestors, the entire family resettled together in the direction of Westprussia until 1900. Friedrich August married a second time: Alwine Pauline Milbradt in Central Poland near Lublin in 1900. However his theory is contradicted by the fact, that his first wife is supposed to be shown in a photography in the year 1921. At the latest, 1906 the Schiemanns and their descendants appear in Rittershausen and Roggenhausen, Kr. Graudenz. In Roggenhausen the family Jadischke led a grocery store. On the other side of the road Wilhelm Schiemann had operated a water-mill until the end of the war.

In Bogensdorf (Bogdanken), county Graudenz, the daughter Berta married my grandfather, Julius, in 1913. Details about the wedding are not known to me. The two moved to Adlig Jellen. The contact between sisters and brothers had always been close. They visited and wrote to each other frequently. Two blows, thus, shook the family: the youngest child of Friedrich-August fell in World War One. Still a young man he was not older than twenty years.

About 15 years later Heinrich Schiemann was killed in an accident in Winkelsdorf, Kreis Rosenberg in February 1927. During a transport of wood a trunk slipped from a car and caused a deadly injury on his head. He left his wife Hulda Dittelmeier Schiemann with two children at the age of six (Waltraut) and three years (Heinz). It must have been a shock for the entire family because this event is still vividly alive in the memory of some relatives.

Hulda Dittelmeier married again (Paul Krahn). She lost almost all contact to the Schiemann family.

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