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The family Stoyke

(until about 1900)

The main family line is already well known since the family meetings of the years 1969 and 1983. Elisabeth Sommerfeld (Schifferstadt, Germany) writes about the origins of the family as follows: "Even if we try hard we do not find a connection to Salzburg. Perhaps they have immigrated to Prussia right after the Reformation in 1520. Most of the Salzburger came 1732. At that time the Stoykes must have been in Kamin. It is a pity that the priest Wodege is already dead because he wrote about this legend." The discoveries of the genealogical researcher H.-J. Wolf from Bremen confirm, supplement and correct the knowledge about the family in a reliable way. It is to be assumed that Kamin besides other villages became depopulated by the Sweden Wars (for the last time until 1660). The history of the district or county of Plehn gives different indicators to a new settling by protestants. The statement of the "Visitationsreport" of 1743 is the most plausible. It says that the resettlement was about 1730/33. "The Family Stoyke (Stoike, Steig) probably belongs to the first protestants of Kamin. In this case the father of George Stoyke (*about 1720 †1784) must have already lived in Kamin.

Picture of Karl Stoyke and familyFoto: about 1922 - Mnich am See, Groß Plowenz, Kreis Strasburg, Westprussia
from left: Hans Martin Stoyke, Käthe Julie Lina Bomke Stoyke, Ewald Kurt Stoyke, Horst Stoyke
sitting: Bertha Schmidt Stoyke, Karl Stoyke

The second alternative can be seen in the presumption that this George Stoyke has been the first family member in Kamin and that he settled there around 1745.

A descent from the "Salzburger" can be surely excluded. However an immigration from the region of the "Kirchspiel Tromnau" (for instance from Thiergart) is likely possible but not yet totally proven.

The original homeland of the Stoyke is very likely to be Hinterpommern (the districts Deutsch Krone and/or Neustettin) because the oldest "name carriers" can be found here."

Wolf takes his data essentially from church books and documents. A connection between the as "oldest ancestor" named Stoyke, George Stoyke (*1655) , married to Anna, is not yet proven. In the church books of Groß Tromnau, Kreis Marienwerder (Westprussia) he is listed as farmer of Thiergart, Kreis Rosenberg. George had two daughters and a son called George (*1685 in Thiergart). This son was probably also born in Thiergart in 1720 and was married to his wife Elisabeth in 1746.

According to Hans-Jürgen Wolf the origins of George Stoykes from Thiergart is not yet sufficiently proven.

According to the church books George died at the age of 64 years as well as his wife in Kamin, Kreis Strasburg. Both died according to the church recordings of a "heated chest illness". It is not excluded (see above) that he moved as tenants of the "Pfarrhufen" to Kamin in 1733. Therefore, he would be the founder of the original farm of the family Stoyke (also Stoike, Steig).

George and Elisabeth had at least 8 children, of which the eldest son was baptised Andreas (*around 1745 in Kamin). "He is stated in the church books as farmer. Therefore it can be assumed that the Stoykes (...) were already at that time among the first 13 protestant farmer families that were settled in Kamin - due to their efficiency - by the Jesuitenorden ruling in those days - between 1743 and 1773. Andreas died later of gout. He married Elisabeth Schni(t)zke, also a local resident. Elisabeth bore seven children between 1772 and 1792 and died of water dropsy. The eldest son carried the same name as his grandfather George (*1772) in Kamin. He was married to 17 year-old Gottliebe Farchim from Sadlinken, Kreis Strasburg (Westprussia) at the age of 21. George is listed as farmer, from 1810 onwards as "Schulze" (village mayor) and from 1836 onwards as Altsitzer. He and his wife had 10 children together.

As a ninth child Christian Stoyke war born. In 1835 he married Catharina Priebe from Neumark, Kreis Löbau (Westprussia). Apparently in the years between 1836 and 1838 both settled in Mnich am See near Groß Plowenz, Kreis Strasburg. farm of the family Stoyke in Mnich am See, Groß Plowenz, Kreis Strasburg

Foto: 1940 - Mnich am See, Groß Plowenz, Kreis Strasburg, Westprussia
Panoramic shot from a rise southwest of the former farm: view over the farm of the family Stoyke to the lake "Plowenzer See". The white house at the right border was the dwelling house.

Christian Stoyke took over the farm from a Jew. Over 100 years the farm was inhabited by Christian Stoyke's successors. In earlier times "three monks settled there. One of them became quite old. They wore only leather things. Most certainly they built the cellar in the garden. This wisdom was given by Hugo Bomke." (E. Sommerfeld dated Nov. 1997)

The last one to manage this farm was his grandchild Erwald Kurt Stoyke until 1945.

Between 1836 and 1855 Christian and Catharina Stoyke had 10 children. The first one was born in the bordering Klein Rehwalde, Kreis Löbau, but the others were already born in Mnich am See.

As a second child of Christian and Catharina Stoyke Michael Stoyke was born in 1839. He married Karoline Schmidt from Neubrück, Kreis Graudenz. As they live in Klein Rehwalde all their 9 children were born there. One of their children was Selma Agnes Stoyke (*1871). Together with her husband Franz Bomke (born in Wardengowo, Kreis Löbau) they acquired an estate in the far away Alt-Mösland at the lowlands or valley of the Weichsel. (for more see family Bomke)

The seventh child of the family of Christian Stoyke oo Catharina Priebe was baptised Karl Stoyke. Karl was born in 1849, ten years later than his brother Michael. He married the 12 years younger sister of the wife of his brother, Bertha Schmidt from Neubrück. In the church books he is listed as "owner" from 1877 onwards. He is my great-grandfather, because his son Ewald Kurt (*1886) married later the daughter of his cousin Selma: Käthe Julie Lina Bomke.

Beside of Kurt, Maximilian (*1878) and then Johanna Selma (*1880, married to Joeschke) were born in Mnich am See.

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