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The family Schmidt

(until 1919)

First-born male descendent is Gottlieb Schmidt, born in Glotof (also Gertow) 1806. His wife, Elisabeth Kriese was born in Rosshof. The place-names can be localized still more exactly.
We recieve more exact specification first by birth of their grandchild Julius, who was born in Tomaszowka, district Chelm (Russia Poland). The "Feststellung der Staatsangehörigkeit" (statement of the nationality) of their grandchild Friedrich gives an idea, where the family sattled during the years: e.g. Friedrich was born as a son of Gottfried (*1841 †1936) and Rosalie Düsterhöft Schmidt (*1863 †1952) in Wulki in 1892.

Picture of Gottfried Schmidt and his family

Foto: about 1924 - Kreis Graudenz
from left: Hildegard Schmidt Oheim, Rosalie Düsterheft Schmidt, Gottfried Schmidt, Herbert Schmidt (sitting)

The family was very fertile, because according to the statement of Irmgard Schmidt Kosfeld (Herne, Germany) and Eugen Schmidt (Ravensburg, Germany) Gottfried had altogether 15 children, from which 13 (!) were born by his second wife Rosalie. At present 4 descendants are yet not known by name. The other known children were: Already 1896 resettled the family Schmidt within the district Lublin from Wulki to Olympin. There they had a farm.

In 1912 the family resettled again, this time to Groß Leistenau, Graudenz, Westprussia. Later the family Schmidt had their farm in Groß Partenschin, Graudenz. After the death of his father 1938 Wilhelm took over the parental farm.

farm of the familie Schmidt in Partenschin, Kreis GraudenzFoto: before April 1936 - Gross Partenschin, Kreis Graudenz: farm of the family Gottfried Schmidt
from left: Helmut Schmidt, Elisabeth Stoll Schmidt, Herbert Schmidt, Wilhelm Schmidt, Rosalie Düsterheft Schmidt, N.N., Gottfried Schmidt

According to old sayings the most sons lived in the periphery of Königsberg, Prussia, some like Sigmund emigrated in striving for a better life and economic independence into Western Germany before the 2. World War.

Soon after the marriage of Julius Schmidt with Berta Schiemann Schmidt on 12. june 1913, the two must have purchased an agricutural farm in Adlig Jellen, Graudenz, Westprussia. Already two years later Julius was ordered into the military. My grandfather belonged to the 3rd royal foot-artillery regiment (3. königliches Fußartillerie-Regiment 5) since the 2. February 1915. He served as Kanonier. On the third day of his military career in Soissons (approximately 100 km n.e. from Paris, France) Julius was wounded. It took about 4 months before he could be taken to his home Graudenz and further 11½ months before he could return to his family and his farm.

After Julius Schmidt had returned he despite of his injuries had to perform hard farm work safe of the help of his family. Also a part of his left lever was missing by a shot wound, so that one saw chords and bones lying exposed.

Since 1916 Berta Schiemann Schmidt lived with their two children with her relatives Schiemann in Rittershausen, Graudenz. Only in 1919 as her husband returned from the war, they built up a new farm. This time in Drückenhof, Briesen.

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