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Picture of the family Karl Stoyke in Mnich am See, Groß Plowenz, Kreis Strasburg, Westprussia
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Since earliest childhood I have listened to the narrations of my parents, aunts and uncles about the "Good old time", in addition, about the 2. World War and the tragedy of the cleansing 1945. Many people became victims of historical events. The houses were left at that time and since then there was scarce information from the "old homeland". Families were disconnected and again united and lived since that time in the postwar-Germany of our days. In the memory of the emigrants however the memory of their childhood and their youth lives on. The separation into different regions of Germany leads to an alienation of the separate branches of family. This process is supported by the way of life of our society in a fast-moving time.

Therefore it becomes more necessary to keep the memories of the past times for the following generations. Too fast only verbal narrations get lost in the darkness of the past. Because, you can notice in general: which was not written down will be lost forever. As long as the possibility exists to ask older people a not returnable chance it is possible in order explore the life of our ancestors. First hand reports give us a notion of the old life circumstances. May they ultimately remind us that the daily comfort of today's life was not self-evident a few years ago.

Concerning the genealogical research especially the extended family Stoyke was investigated in a praise-worth way. While whereas unfortunately this was not the case with regard to the other three main lines Schmidt, Schiemann and Bomke.

This homepage is only the first step of the research and only an attempt to preserve the recent family history until now. The emphasis lies on the life of the family Stoyke in Mnich am See next to Gross Plowenz, Kreis Graudenz and the family Schmidt in Drueckenhof, Kreis Briesen. The contents by no means not complete. In particular, the extensive knowledge and research of the extended family Stoyke are only shown to a small extent.

My request is to state the results of my research in order to give these to interested family researchers all over the world. Furthermore, this should enable us to get into contact with researchers of similar names in their family tree.

Feel free to send me an email for suggestions and further information: olafschmidt1@gmx.de

Verden (Germany), in December 2003

Olaf Schmidt

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