My rat gallery

Die gleiche Seite in deutscher Sprache (same page in german language)

Here they come, the long-awaited pictures of my own ratties.

Take a look on this page every now and then, it's a thing to be continued...

Picture 01: Patsy hanging down an ironing board

Picture 02: Patsy munching a pea

Picture 03: Schnuck tries to grab a treat out of my mouth

Picture 04: Kylie laying in her favorite cage corner

Picture 05: Schnuck tries to grab a cookie

Picture 06: Schnuck gets help from Patsy

Picture 07: Ratman and Robin sniffing my hand

Picture 08: Ratman and Robin on the girls cage

Picture 09: Ratman, a real big guy :-)

With friendly permission of Jean:

Picture 10: Nibblette and Pinto Bean

Picture 11: Gouda

Picture 12: Pinto Bean and some nice frogs

Picture 13: Actually there is NO rat on this picture

With friendly permission of Nadine:

Picture 14: Sam's portrait for Jean :-)

Picture 15: Sam, Frizzy and Frodo

Picture 16: Ratman and Robin sitting on a door

Picture 17: Ratman knocking over some cans

With friendly permission of Amy:

Picture 18: Valentine, 5 weeks old in Courtneys hands

Picture 19: Hallah, 5 weeks old, hidden well :-)


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