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Name: Holger Kuehle (or for those with the right character set: Holger Kühle)
Adress: Hamburg, Germany
Age: 31 (since the 12th of december 1998)
Job: Operations manager of IBS GmbH

These pictures are taken 1992, the haircut is a little different now

More info about my hobbies


I play badminton since more than 18 years

Unfortunately I'm not a very well player, although I had such a long time to learn it.


In summer I often use the mountain-bike

I have a Wheeler CompLine Suspension 8080, equipped with a complete Shimano XT set, a Marzocchi XC-51, Magura RaceLine hydraulic brakes, Gripshift 800, Onza barends and many other nice things


I have five (but this changes from time to time) of these cute, intelligent, nice little critters

Many people have a totally wrong opinion on rats: They think these animals are dangerous, ugly, submitting diseases. But in fact these prejudices are just the result of bad information. In comparison to i.e. hamsters rats nearly never bites (pet-rats, remember we are talking about pet-rats!), they are intelligent and lovely, cute to watch and quite easy to care for.

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