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There are two (quite different) topics combined on this pages, I know.

But as these are the things I like to report on, and you still have the

chance to follow only the thread you are interested in, I think it's OK :-)

Subject 1: Rats

Rat and Mouse Club of America (RMCA)
Verein der Rattenliebhaber und -zuechter Deutschlands e.V. (VdRD) (deutsch/german language)
Info on the rat mailing list and other rat-related links
Books about rats
The rat-gallery
Arianna's Rat FAQ
World Wide Rat (VdRD pages in german language)

The Rodent Ring's HomepageThis ring is for pages that are on any type of rodents (ie rats, mice, rabbits, etc!). So, if you do, please fill out the form, and you will be added into our queue. This means that you are almost ready to be accepted into the ring, but I want to look over the pages before I accept them right off (to make sure that they are on rodents basically). Keep in mind that I will not let a page join which is hateful towards rodents. That is not the purpose of this ring.

If you join the ring, you must put this HTML on your page (view the document source for the actual HTML):

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Subject 2: Badminton

Badminton information can be found at this URL

Subject 3: Other stuff

Personal information (now with the long-awaited pictures !)

Email me: Suggestions, error reports, infos, hints: all are welcome !

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