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Nick Mays: The Proper Care of FANCY RATS

T.F.H. Publications, Inc. ,1 T.F.H. Plaza, Third and Union Aves., Naptune City, NJ 07753
ISBN 0-86622-340-1

Front Cover Two other samples showing nice pictures of rats



I found this book to be the most useful one I ever got. It's not easy to find books about pet-rats at all, but from the ones I found this one is clearly the best. It looks on the topic of rats from an quite "british" side as its author, Nick Mays, is president of the National Fancy Rat Society in England. But the facts he mentions in his book include most of the things a pet rat owner should know about. Even if some topics not comply with the up-to-date knowledge of the rat-experts on the rat mailing list (i.e. concerning the topic of bedding) it is the perfect start for anyone who plans to get a couple of rats.

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