Hi everybody!
This ugly designed page has only one reason for its existence:
To be a site to find Feng Shui related programs and tools!
(This site is offers up to 12 MB free space so please don't mind the banner above!)

And here they are:

- Feng Shui for Windows

a donation done by Ray Langley (mailto:langley@pacbell.net).
If this connection won't work, try THIS ONE.

- The Great Calender

a little program that shows you the actual western and chinese date and time.

- Moon

this program is only for WIN95 and puts itself into the taskbar showing you always which phase the moon is in.

- NJWin 1.20

a program that allows you to view chinese, japanese and korean fonts in any WINDOWS surrounding. Shareware!

- Special True Type Fonts

to use some chinese characters and the chinese symbols for the bagua trigrams in your correspondence.

there will be more soon!!!
If you are looking for a certain program you my mail me (Jürgen Schnitzler) and I will try to find and place it here.